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January 25, 2008



As much as I am ultimately a fan, many kudos on the "Wack McCartney" concept; there has been way too much crap filler in Sir Paul's post-Beatle output, from the McCartney LP on down. So hear-hear! I have two words for you -- "Bip Bop" —eeeeaaaagghhh!


By the way, when, oh when, will Sissy Spacek be doing the Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme Story?


ahhh...If only rock and pop music's very best output was half as good as McCartney's worst dreck....


"Spies. Like. Us."

daniel gascon

the Sissy Spacek track is great


I never knew the Stereo Total song was a cover!

J.R. Clark

"Say you don't love me/My salamander" AAAAHHHHHHHH

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