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January 17, 2008


fatty jubbo

within the first second I think it's going to be "let's get ready to rumble" and then my eyes drift down to his ridiculous package ensconsed in that ratty washed out denim and then the shrieking high-pitch hits me like a flock of harpies.


Epic wipe, too.

Zach in Philly

Wow, what a riot!-) I haven't lauched this hard all week! Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I was a regular -- but, frankly, forgot how regular -- of a Headbanger's Ball junkie was I {phew, what a trip}.
Wel'p, I ain't trying to pull no punches here but G-d wins, man. Priest and/or Alter Boy is over the top, yo! Then Jon (touting Notre Dame) comes in second. And the bronze go to a man who could use some: Ayres Penguin.
Now this is what I call a public service announcement -- thank you;-)


This may be tangential but the guitar guy from Nitro looks to be about the most utterly cold and passionless musician I've seen in any genre. I'm not a musician at all but I get more worked up shaving and lemme tell ya bro, I haven't cut myself since junior high.


I showed this to my friend and he went off for a bit and came back with this.


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