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January 23, 2008



My children laughed. I wept.


Damn. That dude can sing. Pavarotti is pretty good too. Did you notice? Lou's guitar is out of tune.

Eric B.

I laughed and my children wept.


Not that I believe in Hell, but if there's a special one, reserved for me,
this is going to be part of the soundtrack.


Pavarotti's not exactly on the mark, is he?
This just might ruin the song for me.


One of the best SCTV skits ever! John Candy's Pavarotti is uncanny.


Wait, that's not Dom Deluise and William H. Macy?


whatever happened to Heroin?

in these circumstances I guess it'd actually be a good idea to make use of some....

John Candy and Joe Piscopo, gotta love it.

Zach in Philly

Righteous hilari-ment! I was in a down right pissy mood, saw these vids, and haven't stopped smiling yet. The Candy comments made me laugh even more. Thank goodness for crap like this to crack us up.


My god! At first i thought it was an SCTV sketch - then I thought it was sort of video "mashup" but no! It's real! Truly incredible!! This has severely cheered me up for the day! What the hell were they thinking??? THANK YOU!!

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