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January 27, 2008


Jonathan Wall

Fuck! I actually have that album on my computer. I read about it in another BotB post concerning the NWW list--


Cool! I only knew about Michael Waisvisz as the guy who didn't know he owned the only known copy of Kurt Schwitters reading his Ursonate.


There are schematics for the crackle box/ Kraakdoos here:
I've made a couple myself, they're great fun. Dead easy to make- the only problem is getting the obsolete 709 chips, though they turn up on ebay every now & then.


First off, he never took a hiatus. He just stopped recording albums. Second, he DOES NOT BEND CIRCUITS. He designs them from the ground up. Third, a lot of this OOP album can be bought on a cd called "In Tune" with newer pieces on the cd that have his newer inventions.

Sadly, Michel Waiswisz is not around with us anymore...

Floris van den Berg van Saparoea

Michel Waisvisz died wednesday june 18 2008 in his house in Amsterdam. He worked with KEIM in Amsterdam, as the CEO. The Volkskrant ( wrote an article about him.

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