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January 04, 2008



I have a strange, inexplicable (but sincere and unironic) obsession with "In The City," Joe Walsh's contribution to the soundtrack of The Warriors (it plays over the closing credits of the film). It's better than anything the Eagles ever recorded. The lyrics are ridiculous (how tough it is to grow up urban, which doesn't really work coming from Joe Walsh), but he sings them with real conviction (no "Life's Been Good To Me So Far" smarminess), and the music's surprisingly funky. Or maybe it's just the rhythm section.

Mike Lupica

"In the City" is great. So is "Second Hand Store", "I Can Play that Rock and Roll", "Happy Ways", and so are the James Gang. Also, I once drove over the Golden Gate Bridge in a minivan while blasting "Rocky Mountain Way" and my associations with that song were forever changed/improved.


Wow, thanks for posting the Leslie single. I was unaware of this one. I've always been nostalgic for the days when we had Edsel, Jawbox, Tsunami, Velocity Girl, Lilys, Ropers, etc. around DC.


Calling Jesu "Emo Metal" is just wack. BTW, it's "Conqueror" not "The Conqueror"


Check out this equally amazing big nurse
I actually thought you might be refering to them when I first read this, though I did enjoy your big nurse just as much great song.

tracy dahlia seed

You couldn't be any more correct. I cringe when I read my old lyrics too, ha!


Mors Ontologica are releasing their 3rd full length this month, Jan '08 in Columbus, OH. "The Used Kids Sessions," is lovingly fucked with by Mike Rep (The Quotas, Siltbreeze, etc.)
That 'Don't Cry' track is from a few years ago (2004?) and the entire album is good, as is the Telemetric Action ep. Their 2005 release "Dead and/or Famous" is absolutely fantastic. You should look them up at:

devil dick

Yes indeed, Big Nurse were a woulda, shoulda, coulda, but never dida....

i think that single came out in 89 though?

either way, nice to see some Big Nurse love. Them and "Gigantic" were my fave local scene cats from back in the day...


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