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January 09, 2008


Darryl Wright

This version of "The Crusher" is remarkable in that it may be the first time that any music has actually produced a feeling of physical discomfort in the non-metaphorical sense. I had to stop listening because the vocal 'performance' triggered some sort of sympathetic vomit reflex in my stomach.


Wow, the Imperial Pompadours look like the reason I bring a jump drive to work. thanks


I thought the Better Beatles were awe-inspiring, but "The Crusher" made me laugh so much my stomach hurt. It is calling out to be played on Dr. Demento.


Well after hearing the Imperial Pompadours I gotta say I agree with D.W. It's a shame that Rob Calvert lost his marbles and all but that stuff was just gross.


u copy righten the songs of the beatles and u make it sound like a dead tiger givein birth to a hippo and then a giraffe adn the na elephant u guys suck ass and ur instrement playing sucks ass too never play in ur life dumb gay bitches ur not good music players


Thank u, it's look like the reason I bring a jump drive to work.

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what the hell is a jump drive?

Charlie Davidson

For the record, this album is largely performed by members of Inner City Unit (Nik Turner, Dead Fred, Trev Thoms, etc) all of whom share vocal duties, and of course the late great Robert Calvert. Barney Bubbles was the mastermind behind it, and side one consists of tracks he played to assembled musos once, instructing them to recreate the songs from memory. Barney produced this half of the album, whereas side two was produced by Nik Turner at his Cadillac Ranch in Wales, and as stated is nothing less than a bizarre journey through the life of Adolf Hitler, with much Wagnerian sampling/theft. It's certainly an album that divides opinion, but having had an original vinyl copy since the 80s I fell under its spell many years ago.

"Light show! Light show! Light show!"

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