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January 30, 2008


DJ Rick

Liz, you will probably enjoy this, a flier that infiltrated the local high school and caused a minor stir...┬Ąt=DamHaus7_28_2007.jpg



Ann Onymous

I think spectacularness had something to do with it.


Homicide had better asses.


um...but man butts can be used for sex too, and i'd speculate more often, or at least equally.
FCC be retarded.
and not to offend the retarded, which the FCC is even more retarded than.


After careful scrutiny of the video I conclude that at :17 and :28 the crotch, underneath the buttocks and between the legs, is just barely but titillatingly visible for a moment. Though I would be hard pressed to identify the area of focus as pubic, labian, or vaginal. What can one say about the Republican/conservative imagination. Could they have been thinking about the sexual anus when they saw butt? If so, somebody has to be punished for the thought.

As for the acting, it is a trifle better than the average porno movie. I think it could have been improved if the kid had dropped his eyes and exclaimed "WOW!". Of course that would probably have trebled the fine.


So are they going to start blurring out people's mouths, too?


Abolish the FCC. Fines for airing content that people choose to receive is nothing short of violation of free speech.

Steve PMX

'we recommend buying us a drink before you breach that subject, cowboy'

classic. i'd even buy 2 drinks if that were the case.


Perhaps they should start blurring pumpkins, old socks, electric toothbrushes. Or maybe if old socks and soupcans are in the same shot they should each have to have one foot on the floor. I don't see though what the butt could add storyline. I don't watch TV so much but I suspect there was no dialogue in this show to the effect of "Where was you bare ass on the night of the 12th?" Maybe a point system would work where each show is allowed a certain percentage of butt time and shows with no use for butt shots could sell off their butt points to other shows.


I know it's sophomoric, but the phrases 'lady butt' and 'man butt' still make me giggle. Just say them out loud.

Dale Hazelton

Howza'bout Man Can or Lass Ass?

What about forcing that poor boy to look at Ms. Ross' va jay jay? That's like contributing to the delinquency of a minor, no? Sounds like a criminal charge. I'd better get back to the 17 and 28 second marks now.....


It is filmed in a smarmy fashion. You are being disingenuous in suggesting that the camera angles, lingering shot on her posterior, between the legs shot, and return to her naked body several times do not constitute something "sexual." It would be better if the FCC did not get involved of course, but it would also be good to avoid dishonesty.


I don't understand any of it. I don't understand how video footage of someone's butt requires classification.
I'm serious about that. It really stumps me.


Um, if anyone is seriously interested, there is an actual strip club list of places in Chicago.

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