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January 03, 2008



I have gone through the Detroit Airport Light Tunnel a few times in the last month or two and yes, Enya crossed my mind. And the old 60's era neon light show that used to be at O'Hare (please tell me that's gone by now). I had no idea that I was travelling through such a wonderful piece of living art. I must have been tired. Actually I nearly fell asleep on the moving walkway. Those things are HUGE.


Nice list! It has been years since I went to House on the Rock, and I hear they have fixed it up recently. Yes, folks, there is interesting stuff in Wisconsin.

And cicadas. I grew up at ground zero for the cicada blast. These things not only were in the forests, but anywhere there are trees. Chicago, and many of the suburbs, has many trees - thus many cicadas spread all over the place. They actually come every year, with some broods (like the one you saw) being magnitudes larger than others. If you are lucky, like me, you can witness a double dose, when a big 17 year brood pops up along with a big 11 year brood. I was a kid, but still remember natural chitin-banks of shells swept up by the wind. My poor cat lost his mind with so many targets and toys. Cars would skid to stop signs. And something that was louder than the 737s at O'Hare that passed right over the house. The weird thing is you could walk a couple of blocks and there would be no cicadas at all. Very localized.


1) OMG, The House on the Cliff looks like the coolest place in the world! And there's even a Neil Gaiman connection, which will help get my kid interested. I'm going to start planning a trip immediately.

2) I started going to Coney as soon as I got to NYC too, and my wife and I made it one of our Special Places a long time ago. So yes, I very much appreciated the sentiment. Long may it wave.

3) I dug Pike's Place too, precisely because there is narry a Victoria's Secret or Sharper Image in sight (South Street Seaport is one of the most cynical things Koch ever did to NYC). Yes, there's a Starbuck's, but it's the *original* Starbuck's, and it doesn't even look like one (although I still opted to give it a miss.) Clint, I hope you got to the Archie McPhee store in the Ballard nabe - what the consumer culture would be if WFMUers ruled the world. Also, Gasworks Park makes for some pretty cool chilling.


thanks for that house on the rock video... you nailed the overall feeling of that carousel room exactly; hypnotic discordant sounds, red, flashing lights, terrifying wooden animals and shitty manikin angels ... need to go back someday! agreed on pike place market too -- it's schmaltzy & smelly but wunnerful

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