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January 28, 2008



rock is easy


Own it for the 360 and I've spent sooooo much money own downloading songs already. Unfortunately my downstrum stopped working on my guitar so I shipped it off to EA today so they can fix it. My g/f and I play so much Rock Band that I went and bought Guitar Hero III just so I'd still have a guitar while the other one is gone. Yeah, it is a sickness.

Station Manager Ken

Great idea Trent! I will be there! Still trying to master "Enter Sandman" though...

I think "Enter Sandman" took me about 2 hours working my way through the solo from 80% speed all the way up through full speed. But MAN when you get through it it's like...I just played "Enter Sandman" but for real. Can't wait!!!


Back in the day, if you were good enough, you might convince the groupies to suck you off in the green room. How does that work with the video game? Is there some special port that you stick your axe into? Seems kind of, I don't know, a little off the mark eh?

Clever Pomo idea for a radio spot though.


K, the groupies are still there, they just grew up on Mario instead of Whitesnake. No special port needed.


Will the show be archived? Love the idea, wish I could take part but have to work :(

Would totally play sabotage which is much more difficult than you think at the higher difficulty levels. Yes I need to get a life...


Dave, that's too bad you can't make it, but I understand...8am is a little bit of a weird time, isn't it? The show will definitely be archived. Hope you can make it out to the NEXT session!

DJ Rick

I was at a party recently where I had to endure the pain of drunks playing Rock Band. They could not advance the game very far because the drunkenness had ravaged the voice and tunefulness of our friend Brian. He was stuck on Aerosmith's version of "Train Kept a'Rollin'." Although I'm very much video-game-averse, I was pushed to the limit and demanded the microphone just so I wouldn't hafta hear that song 50 more times. To my surprise, I hit near 90% accuracy, and I really suck at "singing." I then discovered that the game is very easy to trick and kinda ridiculously fun if you do a deep, flat Calvin Johnson impression. Beat Happening shoulda covered "Don't Fear the Reaper." My Calvin voice got 97%!

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