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January 22, 2008



Eyvind Kang plays viola more than violin these days it seems; a real good album to seek out is this one of viola duets with tar (a sort of Persian banjo) Amir Koushkani with Eyvind Kang - 'In The Path Of Love' 2001

Improvisations in Persian classical style, it's gorgeous.


I wouldn't describe Sleepytime Gorilla Museum so much as "proggy arty gothy deathy rock." A good shorthand, I've found is "Mr. Bungle on meth." Isn't that tidier? (Lest anyone interpret that negatively, I LOVE SGM.)

Daniel E. Friedman

As a composer, I'm happy to see this type of blog for the viola. It is an instrument that has beautiful warmth and charm.

Dan Johnson

There's also that John Whatsisname from those Velvet Whozits. Ooh or check out Walter Fähndrich's album VIOLA for ECM! Violicious.


No big deal, but it's actually "Spartanburg" SC. One S.

Kurt Gottschalk

Only one Spartan? Not much of an army you have down there.

But sorry for the extra S.

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