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January 10, 2008



a sweet fellow and a banjo scratcher - i wiil miss ya dave

M St-Germain

Man... It was such a personal pleasure to get to see the Monks play up in Bemidji last winter. Dave hung around and talked to all of us for hours, and was so genuinely excited there were all these kids who drove up from MPLS to see them play and freaked out to their songs. Total mega bummer. I consider myself very lucky to get to have seen The Monks play.


what a very nice man he was.

glad Dave lived to see how important THE MONKS are to folks who love great music..

RIP, our dear friend.

Jeff Feuerzeig


When you took the stage with The Monks in Vegas a few years back it was literally like experiencing the creation of man, earth, and sound. You had the biggest smile on your face from ear-to-ear for the entire set as you tortured that banjo for our collective pleasure and clearly your own. I've never felt more love and heart coming off of a stage and a pick strum. Thanks so much for the single most fantastic rock n roll experience of my life. You are the greatest. RIP friend.

Jeff Feuerzeig


If you're interested Dietmar Post's and Lucia Palacio's Monks doc is available as video on demand:

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