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January 25, 2008


Station Manager Ken

Very cool Monica! I can't wait till the next thrilling installment, Electric Juicers!

Liz B.

That does it - I'm gonna cover my furniture in plastic and hang up a baby doll on a swing the moment I get home today!



Is there an embed code for this slide show? I'd like to put it on one of my blogs. I'm teaching an article on the impact of TV in American culture called "Making Room for TV" by Lynn Spigel and this would be a perfect contemporary illustration of her thesis.


i don't know which is worse: how TV-centric these are, or how horrible people decorate.
lace, flowers and angel dolls.....yay creepy.


i especially love the out of place shock of the one where the tv is on but the couch is gone. it's like a punch in the gut after viewing the rest.



well done, monica. this was was of my ideas for found photos which never ever get done.

thanks for doing it for me!


percocets are messing w/ my context!

>>this was was of my ideas for found photos which never ever get done.<<

this was one of my ideas for found photos which never ever get done.

drugs are bad kids...


This was great. This blog needs more original content like this.


That was fantastic Monica. Can we have some more?



Interesting. But didn't Foxtons in America go out of business a few months ago?

I only know because my friend used to work for them, and has a few funny stories about the implosion.


judging from foxtons website, they appear to be in business as usual. surely hope so as i've got a bunch more of these posts coming down the pike. thanks all for your interest.


10,000 homes for sale... and apparently every one owned (or at least decorated) by Russians...

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