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January 16, 2008



This video is on the African Psyche CD that came out a couple years ago on Luaka Bop.


i remember this track from one of those ghana funk compilations that came out in the past couple years. it was one of the better ones from the collection.


It's "Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome," from Luaka Bop's Love's a Real Thing comp--Boil has it correct. It's a wild video--the puppetry is actually pretty good, especially the guitarist. The thing that always blows me away about this song is the interplay between the guitar and drums. It's on a totally telepathic level, and the way the beat changes up will give a dancer whiplash.



Thank for this video and Unfortunately, the author of that Song, Eskill Lohento, the vocal lead of Poly Ryhtmo recently died. This website has been created as a tribute. But Poly Rythmo is still playing, to some extent currently. I would like to have a copy of the video and put it on the website. I'm not in Benin currently and cannot have it from the TV house that produced it. Please send me a mail if needed. Best

One of Eskill's song

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