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January 10, 2008



Thank you so very much for rightfully skewering those myspace denizens who overload their pages to such a degree that it shuts down browsers. It's a sickness that I surely don't understand, as in the case of a friend who's a Dave Matthews Band obsessive and predictably subsumes her online persona to the iconic balding grin of Dave to an absurd degree...but it's not matters of taste (or even musical-related mental illnesses, a roomful of which attend every record convention) to take to task, but rather this idiocy of depth-charging pages with excessive graphics, audio, video links by the score, etc. that seems to cry out to the viewer "Because I am insecure about my own creativity, here's some frilly stuff to distract you as your browser locks".

Stephanie B

"Fantagaga" is awesome! Hadn't heard any older Low Red Center - thanks!

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