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January 18, 2008



Meagan this has to become a regular feature! Of course, you'll only be egging the hordes of bedroom "virtual knob twiddlers" on. (That sounded complete filthy!)

So far only "Old Man Trouble" is in.


I get that same girl on the laptop! I don't understand, every day I click the SPAM button on these babes and every day they come back with more friend requests. WHAT DOES THE SPAM BUTTON DO? I'm assuming they're from the same source; shouldn't this entity be banned by now? It seems like a sing of very poor security over at myspace central.

Oh, and by the way, you wouldn't think of kicking murderedman off your friends list now would you?

elephant  ears

OH ! NICE ONE ! GOOD IDEA ! Hello from Australia!


I second the notion that this should become a regular feature. Also, perhaps there could be some stakes, such as the most well-liked song gets played on the air, and the originator of the least well-liked song gets de-friended.

If American Idol has proven anything, it's that while Americans don't really care that much for voting in political elections, we love voting for our entertainment.

Zach in Philly

Great feature -- lot's of fun. Would it be possible, though, to keep the Pump It and Dump It selections consistent? I think I accidentally Pumped and Dumped some. One or the other should always be option one. Aside from that, these were mostly pretty interesting selections worth the time taken to listen and vote.

Brian B.

Why is Taum Taum's voting order reversed? They get my pump only pump vote. Oh yeah, I took the bait and checked out Murderedman and he/they is really good but should be dumped for sleazy promotional practices.


This is an awesome idea! It makes me want to search around myspace looking for terrible music all night.


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