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January 21, 2008


Hahaha. This is totally brilliant!

Scott M.

Like nature, WFMU abhors naked singularities.

Buzz Killington

Have faith. Mars and Jupiter are currently experiencing global warming as well. (But don’t tell that to Mr. “No controlling legal authority” & Occidental Oil Stock owner, Al Gore, Jr. He’ll only accuse you of heresy anyway.)

Mr Mannn

ok, but how are the PATH stations on those planets?


Brilliant! WFMU *is* educational, I tells ya!

By the way, at first glance, I thought that first image was the TARDIS on Mars, not the WFMU building.

Now, how about a playlist appropriate for a tour of the Solar System?


Sure, but what would doing a show on the Sun be like if you did it at night?

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