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February 15, 2008


fatty jubbo

holy smokes! amazing!


Toni Basil is rolling over in her Orange County waterbed as we speak.


What the helllll... was that??????


i could be wrong but i think this might be lollywood (pakistan) or tamil, not case anyone is digging into this...


maybe it's the metallic xena/cheerleader/wonder woman getup, but i think i have a thing for pakistani/indian chicks now. as long as they don't sing.

both of them get down pretty damn well, you gotta admit.


This is amazing. Thank you.

Rob Lett

He is ROCKIN that Red/White tiger get-up in the second half!


somebody make a looping gif of him spinning between her legs!


.....Indian/Pakstani furies? *shudder*


I am... staggered. I need more drugs. NOW! We ALL need more drugs. Are there enough drugs available? Awww...


if you want to see more like this - look up the "bollywood thriller" on youtube - it has the same duo in it - that was my favorite video until i saw this one

Rei Meer

Can i get this video on youtube? And if so, under what title? Please post it. I would like to use it for my indian girlfriend's web page. Thanks.

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