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February 27, 2008



Great post, Doug. Of all the initial pioneering music blogs, few were as passionate as C.O.F. I am thankful for many additions to my music collection via Dirk.


Awesome. He posted so much good stuff on the COF blog.


Thanks for posting this. The COF blog turned me on to so much great music. Great to see Dirk on WFMU.

Steve PMX

Cities On Flame.. was a great blog and Dirk will be greatly missed. Thanks for shining the spotlight on this.


hello dear doug here dirks mom janny, i found your tribute for dirk on the internet, it feels so good that my dirk is remembert all over the world love dirks mom janny, i miss my dirk so much and i see a lot off other people allso


Do they know if he got the tumor because of the accident or was it unrelated?

Doug Schulkind

Dirk's tumor was discovered whilst doing a pre-op MRI not long after the accident. Seems unlikely that the tumor would have become so prominent so quickly, but I suppose anything is possible. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says on its website: "Injuries are not a known cause, but injury may draw attention to a tumor."

jann dirks mom

helo doug he tumor wash a thing that happen trou the acident after the accident developed the compartimentsyndroom in is leg, than allt the mussels en meat in his legg die, true he bad cndition in his leg there developed th tumor, iff dirkdid not had have the accident he would still be living, after th amputation he had never methastases but after the holidays it pop up a week later he wash gone whe miss him and the women that hit him with here car never eer ade hre self knw he drove of levng dirk laying on the groud a hate that women love for yuo janny dirks mom

Funeral Readings Guru

Interesting topic. Excellent article.

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