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February 28, 2008


Dale Hazelton

Can those guys do the Dagwood sandwich treatment with "15 feet of Pure White Snow?"


You ought to mention the Silent Garfield movement too. I encountered it first, but I couldn't vouch for what came first.

Account Deleted

I was going to blog this last week, but held off - and glad I did because I didn't have that snazzy song.

Since Magpie doesn't link to it - here is the source of the Garfield Minus Garfield cartoons. There are a slew more, all of them completely depressing.

Oh, there are more Real cat Garfield's as well!


I see your "Garfield as a real cat" and "Garfield removed" and I raise you a "Garfield Randomizer"! Ha, take that!


Hmm, maybe I should start doing Marmaduke explained, explained.

Brian Turner

Brian Turner


I added Cathy for a slightly different disturbing view

Compos Mentis

Forget these Johnny-Come-Latelys. It's time WFMU recognized Barfield as the ultimate Garfield parody:


here's a bummer:

Nash Roads

It took me weeks to figure out some of the Meatus Murder lyrics...bizarre that a lot of the words on a parody record sound drunkenly garbled when the lyrics are the whole point.

"the springs go springing out the chair" - genius

I bet MM would sign on to the FMA, judging from Keith Rupture's attitude...

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