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February 15, 2008



didja bang 'im?


Oh, I love him too! I JUST finished "A Multitude of Sins" and it made me love him even more.
One of the reasons my husband and I married (full disclosure-he's a former FMU DJ) is that I was a Stranglers fan-so rare in general and even rarer in a girl.
Thanks for the enjoyable post!


Remind me to send him a thank you card.


No, I didn't bank 'im. JJ Burnel (Stranglers bassist) kicked me in the face at a gig in 1981. Does that count?


...nor did I bang 'im.

"transportation to the city was usually unreliable" YES,true at times. In my twenties, stupid and a drunk, yes I was. You still got to the city. You remember smashing our heads at SCARS? Messing up sucks...I'm so tired of wanting to talk and not being able to.

Paul Costelloe

Thanks for the interesting write-up. I saw Hugh and his band play at the Buxton Opera House last Wednesday night, and I was excited to chat to Hugh and his delightful bassist Caroline (Caz) Campbell at breakfast in the same hotel the following morning.

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't still asleep dreaming !


The Raven

Saw them numerous times. Best one was at The Edinburgh Playhouse. They all walked out in Pinstripe Business Suits wearing Bowler Hats.

Not a word was said by The Band as Hugh walked up front and hit the guitar part to 'No More Heroes'. Place got wrecked that night. JJ battered a couple of bouncers on stage as well.

Happy Days.

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