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February 07, 2008


fatty jubbo

yeesh! Harriett Levy is amazing.

Dale Hazelton

I like Waylon Jennings and the Kimberlys, too. Not ironic, just good.


The wonderful uncomfortableness of Kenton's band singing is one of my great memories of this song as a kid.

Account Deleted

The Waylon version is one of my favorites as well, but I don't know if there's a video or performance of it anywhere. But you can here it mashed-up with the Three Degrees version on Trouble's show (real player link).

its just a phase

The three degrees are kind of an overrated band i think.... alot of people talk about them because of the giorgio moroder thing, but to me that's misleading as they were very average compared to many of their peers...
Just my ten cents : )
Harriet levy was cool though!


I'm glad to see the Maynard version posted. In high school I was a MF wannabee and just about had a hernia and split lip trying to screech like him. Fortunately I abandoned the quest to hit double high "c"s and took up guitar. I traded headaches for callouses.

anyhoo, thanks for posting it!

Webhamster Henry

You also need to hear Frank Sinatra's version .. which is really just the B section (or is the the C section?) of the long-winded tune on his TRILOGY ("Past -Present - Future") concept album. Or maybe mine is abridged because I only have it on 8-track.

Chris T.

My favorite is the SCTV version. I've been longing to see that since it first aired! Dave Thomas as Richard Harris is amazing and I always loved Eugene Levy as Rockin' Mel!


Please allow me to put in a good word for the "Weird Al" Yankovic parody, "Jurassic Park". ("A huge tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer /Well I suppose that proves /They're really not all bad . . . ") Extra points for the spiffy claymation video.


best one ever was sammy davis jr's-
brings me to tears every time!

Dale Hazelton

Here's a list of some MacPark covers. I've only collected about ten, so this is something to shoot for (I couldn't get the "listen" link to work for me, however). Happy hunting!

Dale Hazelton

No amount of surfing brings up a Waylon video sadly. But an interesting Waylon/Webb connection I did discover is that Jimmy Webb wrote "Highwayman"...I always assumed it was written by, well the Highwaymen.


I HAD the 45 of Richard Harris's single when it first came out back in '68 or whenever it was. All my friends knew I was odd because of it. But I knew I was OK, OK? Thank you for this great post. And, yes, Waymore's version is worthwhile, If you want, I can MP3 an audio of it for you. I never heard or seen Stan Kenton's version Or The 3 Degrees, WOW FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

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