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February 19, 2008



"I think we need a new weird church of our own to galvanize all our stray lefty sheep"

I think it's just such mass gatherings that creeps out the "stray lefty sheep"

You are all individuals. Yes, we are all individuals.


Were you kidding about the "Christuccinos"?
My friend and I went to a coffee shop recently that we slowly realized, as we sat there, was an official God-lovin coffee shop. In fact, everyone around us was studying their bibles! My wife was incensed, almost, feeling duped, and lamenting that her money was probably going towards preventing someone from having an abortion.
We left after a bit, and she continued railing about them for some time. The next day, she realized she had left her purse there. I was relieved--of course it would still be there. And it was, and they were of course really nice when she went to go get it. And of course she felt bad, sorta...more like's like secretly evil puppies or something...

Alison Randall

...but your wife's still going to burn in hell, right? So you're even with the nice, purse-watching Christians.

Less Lee Moore

I agree with protogenes. And I'm glad I live in Canada now.

Jonathan Steinke

I attend an Episcopal church...does that count?

Young Jean Lee

I'm an NYC-based experimental playwright and director who just did a show that was precisely a "weird new church of our own to galvanize all our stray lefty sheep". It was weird seeing all these lefty hipsters feeling the spirit--people were crying and freaking out. You can read more at:

Young Jean Lee

Also, weirdly, I happen to be an hour and a half away from Spokane right now, in Pullman, WA.


I thought Reverend Billy was the "new weird church".


Well, something had better outnumber the left... Especially when that Leftist-Muslim-Gay dude gets elected President. Big Brother is coming!!! Sweet Jesus, Great Googa-Moogah!


well now we have god tube...dont forget myspace...or it's dark, a place to see where all those myspacers, who have died, and why they died...and also myspacers who have been incarcerated...sent to prison


Don't worry: Not all of those crazy Christians are right-wingers. Some of them are actually liberals. Seriously. I can't find the web page about 'em that I sort of liked, but they're all over the net. Some of them are still a little unsettling, but they're way better than the regular kind.

Also, I agree with Woody. Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping are pretty awesomely qualified to be our "new weird church."


Americans United for Separation of Church and State is fighting on the front lines in this war. Anytime you see some crackpot Christian brought down in court, chances are AU did it. If you have any pennies after the marathon, pitch a few their way.


There are a lot of sane Christians (no, really!) who grow particularly uneasy around megachurches and the like, and hare distant from the religious right.

It's just that the right is just far more vocal.

Huge comfort to me was discovering Geez Magazine -- A Christian magazine from Aiden Enns, one of the former editors of Adbusters.I find it much more interesting, deep, and thought provoking than its secular sister magazine.

You can read some of its articles on the website:

I'd just point out that a lot of Christianity isn't as far right as most assume. And it's been getting better lately.


I dunno guys... I think Ted has some pretty convincing random babblings. Also his photo will surely haunt my dreams.

Jonathan Steinke

Well, thank you for all those lovely and socratically well-justified statements, Timmy. The "Great Googa-Moogah" part was an especially nice touch. Take your imbecility somewhere else.

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