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February 21, 2008


Rev. Frost

Mr McClung,
meet me at the mall at midnight for the 300 quids I owe you.


may i humbly add "PVAc to 44.1 kHz", a vinyl to digital music blog that recreates most college radio station libraries circa 1979-1989 (and beyond when it feels like it). everything from Bruce Wooley & the Camera Club to Shaun Cassidy's Todd Rundgren-produced "Wasp"



Based on your selections, I think you would love The Rising Storm (, which is an extremely well-written and informative site focusing on lesser known psych, garage, and country-rock gems from the late 60's/early 70's. Check it out!!!


Nice list overall, I'd say. Garage Hangover is excellent, and Funky 16 Corners is the site that convinced me mp3 blogs might be worth visiting.

Office naps (, Benn Loxo du Taccu ( and Voodoo Funk ( are my favorites that weren't mentioned. And I have to think a WFMU crowd would love Waxidermy (

nazz nomad

punk rock, garage rock and omfug

Mr Fab

Thanks, Resident Clinton! I await my web-stats shooting up thru the roof.

Looks like I'm gonna have to add more links - some great tips there. That monster movie one is amazing.

Mr Fab

Thanks, Resident Clinton! I await my web-stats shooting up thru the roof.

Looks like I'm gonna have to add more links - some great tips there. That monster movie one is amazing.

tony c

Thank you for inflating my ego and raising my street cred. I'm amazed I know most of these great blogs. But I'm probably too brain dead from listening to so many mp3's to realize I learned of most of these sites via 'FMU over the last 2 years anyway. Seems possible.


I would like to recommend my favorite disco/dance blogs off the top of my head:

Disco Litter (
The Red Room (
As Restless As We Are (
Terry's Musical Life ( Terry's blog isn't exclusively dance music.


Concur on GarHang, BW Flu, the Rev, Robot, Maniacs, looking forward to checking out the rest. Shout out to FMU stalwart Matt P and his terrific, and no reference to Copy, Right? (see last week) would be complete without a companion tip of the hat to Cover Freak. Last and loudest shoutout to Clinton, the Dean of Download, who has just ensured that I'm going to get absolutely nothing else but downloads accomplished again this weekend.

Ford MF

I concur with whomever said "Office Naps". Otherwise, stellar picks as usual.

Greg Bishop

What a treasure trove! More reasons I (almost) never have to visit the record stores anymore. Swap meets and garage sales are still fair game.

Thanks for including the link to ufomystic's flying saucer music. I posted to the 365 project on December 12.

Account Deleted

Thanks, everyone, especially for all the suggestions of other blogs to check out. And I didn't say this in the posts, but a big thank you to all the bloggers who replied to my email about doing this little series and offered up their favorites as well.

Office Naps was on my original list of sites to write about, as it is certainly one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it went on hiatus in January (DJ Little Danny is starting graduate school to become an audio archivist), so it doesn't look like there will be any new posts for a while. As soon as it returns I'll give a shout out in a big way.

Oh, and Fluxblog is another favorite as well - but he didn't reply to my email (though I'm not sure if I had the right address). That's okay, as he just got a huge mention in Entertainment Weekly back in May, as one of the 25 best music web sites. (Beware of the Blog didn't make that list, dangit! What's up with that?)


Oh man, I forgot about Diddy Wah! No information on its blogmeister, but great pop and R&B selections and some cool mix files.


A great site for mp3s is COVER LAY DOWN-which as its name suggests is full of cover versions.
Thus you get a stack of Dylan covers against HIS covers
Though its mainly folk and country it also touches on psychedelia,Gospel and blues.
Those who like cover versions should pay it a visit

Joe Renda

Joe Renda who is producer of Battle of the Bands volume 1 and currently producer of the Jerky Boys Platinum selling Albums is in the process of re-releasing battle of the bands vol.1 REN-VELL records onto CD. You can contact me at if you would like information on how to recieve a CD.

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