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February 23, 2008


Dale Hazelton

Thumbs Carlisle does a mean version of "Caravan" on his first rekkid. And any dude with a batman teeshirt under his sport coat can't be bad.

Hell's Donut House

Oooh lawsy, thank you! Where can I get more of these?

Listner JS

In one interview with Chris Hillman, Emery brought up the song "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man," which Gram Parsons and Roger McGuinn had written about Emery. Emery then asked, "So, how is Gram doing?" Hillman answered, "He's still dead, Ralph."

Reuben Adkins

That brings back alot of memories. You don't happen to have any video of Thumbs picking with Danny Gatton, do you? That would have to be one hell of a show. Thanks again for posting the old Emory show clip.


Sorry, Reuben. I don't have anymore footage of Thumbs. If anybody else out there in blog land has it, I'll be happy to post it.


Hank Garland on guitar in the house band, along with the great Beegee Adair on piano. Is that Bob Moore on bass?

Beegie was not "Adair" back then...she was "Cruiser"..BUT the same genius musicianship!--From another piano player--

Debbie D

Opry Almanac House Band 3/8/66

Jimmie Colvard: Guitar
Thumbs Carlisle: Guitar
Beggie Cruiser(Adair): Piano
Bobby Dyson: Fender Bass
Buddy Rogers: Drums

Thanks to Greg G.

Buddy Rogers

Man! I had a blast watching this one! I had forgotten that I did this show. I also played drums on the Eddie Hill Show, on Ch.5 for about 4 years. The show aired live, from 5:45 AM till 7:45 AM, Mon thru Fri. Eddie's show was similar in many ways to Ralph's, but was a lot tighter! HA!.


This was so great, wish there was more. And there is a little more--over on Roger Miller's website, a section that is missing from this clip is viewable.

Calli McGregor

Thanks so much for posting. I'm Thumbs' granddaughter and I love finding old footage of him!

Many thanks,


Debbie D

Hi Calli,

Email me your address and I'll send you a DVD of the entire show!


Where can I download this good

Thank you for help!

Debbie D

Christopher, you can't download the clip. It's streamable only.


Mo Rourk

you know who that is on bass? bob moore. great post. i'm gleebin it.

thanks debbie, you really do have the best videos. if only my digital hoarder counselor would let me hang out on your archives more often.


Mo Rourk

or it's possible that mister discography up there is right; however, i like to think that my 5 second guess was more impulsive

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