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February 01, 2008



Evil Hillary, evil staffers, or just sloppy; or were someone's brains devoured by small carnivores? Or is there a greater conspiracy, with this just a distraction? Is electroshock necessary, or mandatory? CTHULHU IN 2008 - why settle for a lesser evil?

Dale Hazelton

Just to be sure, people realize that this is Photoshopped together, right?

Quizmaster Chris

Not photoshopped:



The first and last time I went to Max's Kansas City, it closed shortly after, I MET Golden Earring, they were hitting on me & my 16 year old classmates....Radar Love baby..

waylon solos

the hillary photo looks legit, but i heard the lavey kerry ones a fake.

Dale Hazelton

I don't buy it....clipping path around Hil's hair looks to severe, light sources on their faces seems slightly different, Hillary's more direct, Courtney's more overhead.

Oliver / Cultpunk

The Hillary/Courtney photo is not fake: it's from Courtney Love’s _Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love_ (2006) and the pic was probably taken in the 1990s. If it is fake, then Courtney Love faked it and has a fake pic of herself with Hillary Clinton in her diary; but it's presented as part of her scrapbook of memories alongside pics of her rubbing shoulders with Woody Harrelson, Kurt Cobain, etc.

The LaVey and Kerry photo is a well-known fake. debunks it effortlessly. The dates on the newspaper shown in the "scan" of the laVey/Kerry photo don't match Kerry's career as senator, etc., at all.


The photo IS fake. I know for a fact that Courtney Love does not walk around with a halo and Hillary has no horns coming out of her head.

Oliver / Cultpunk

Haha - well, yeah, the magic marker stuff is fake. And the words "IM PREACHIN," etc., were not hovering, disembodied, over their heads, either. So technically that aspect of it is correct. But this crap about the light on Hillary's face not mathcing up, etc., is nonsense. It's an actual photo, YES WITH MAGIC MARKER AND SCRAWLINGS ON IT. That's Courtney's scrapbook for you.

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