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February 16, 2008



There was a nice little feature on "Future Shock" in the Grand Royal magazine way back when. I've always wondered what the show actually looked like, though. Thanks for the video!!


This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Way to get it over, get your thing together, understand?


all the crack references are plain fucking wrong, and racist...remove them


Man, the dance contest footage is the textbook definition of surrealism. Not literally, of course, but if you were to film a movie set in the 1970's that incorporated footage like that, you would likely be accused of extreme exaggeration. Yet to watch that first dance contest is to be reminded that the 70's were wackier than we can possibly remember.

Debbie D

The crack in this case refers to VINYL, x. It's also meant as a plug for our current presidential candidate.


Ah, so this is where that ottoman humping fad got started.


Unreal! A million thanks.


Thanks Debbie! It's all too appropriate that you are the poster of this awesomeness. I haven't seen it since your house in the country all those years ago.


Mustache-era JB was always a little strangeto me...

Steve PMX

most awesome post of the week! thank you

dave from knoxville

I love Geraldo's dancing! What forced him into "journalism"?


Debbie, I was actually one of the dancers in one of the contests(!) and would love to own a copy of this video. Is there a way I can purchase this?


Where or how can I obtain the very first episode of future shock. I was a student at Morris Bown College and danced on the first four episode inlcuding one featuring Clarence Carter.

Patricia Webster

I was on several James Brown Future Shock Dance Show and have been looking for copies of the show. Can anyone help me get copies of the show it have been thirty years ago I was sixteen at the time. I started appearing on the show for my sweetsixteen birthday. Please help!


Very nice. Happy bday JB! Lots of beautiful people in the video. Love it.

Curtis Cates

i used to watch this show when I lived in Houston. I was beginning to think I had dreamed it. I never found anyone that knew anything about it. It was fantastic. Sometimes the camera would follow JB dancing, show his feet and you would see the cables and gaffers tape. Every other episode (it seemed) would show this live outdoor concert of JB doing Popcorn. The footage was 1 shade up from total black. What a show. What a find. Thanks!


I've been looking for copies of the Future Shock show for a long time. It's nice to get a little more footage of the show. There is somebody on ebay who sells a dvd of a few shows, you just gotta catch'em when puts them up on ebay. Thanks for the's outta sight!! R.I.P. Godfather.

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