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February 24, 2008



I think I've got an album by The Ideal Pancreas: Part 2. Think it was an Elephant 6 side project.

Fels Naptha

Can you turn a glass of water upside down without spilling? The board may say yes, but the puddles on the table say no.


I'm really groovin' on the "foot fetish" one.

jeff n.

Is... is that a jar of blood on the "The Circulatory System: Blood:" presentation table?


That first image shows a young Dr. Timothy Leary exploring the age old question; "How do I buy good dope and not get burned".

Eric B.

I love the "We Live on Rock!" kid. I know I certainly live on rock, but with a little r&b and electronica thrown in for good measure.

But I think the goth chicks from "Germies, Germies Everywhere!" would have been better served standing in front of the "Untanned vs. Tanned" display.

Steve PMX

hahaha Electro Worms!


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