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February 01, 2008


Andrew Tonkin

Well, I know this isn't necessarily an age thing, but Ernest Borgnine is still with us at age 91. Due to his wonderfully craggy features, he always seemed old even when he was younger, so imho, his continued presence is remarkable. And hey, 91. Not a bad run there, Ernie, not bad at all.


Ray Walston?


Harry Morgan?


Tony Martin, who's crooning at Feinstein's in Manhattan this week at age NINETY-FIVE.

It just might be your last chance to catch a live performance of "Tenement Symphony" from "The Big Store."

("The Cohens and the Kellys
The Campbells and Vermicellis
All form a part of my tenement symphony...")


David Hasselhoff...:-))


Paul Harvey??


Abe Vigoda. Or Patrick McGoohan.


Mel Brooks


Tony Curtis, Ed Asner, Elvis Presley ( I just saw him shopping in Hoboken on Thursday )

Hellbound Alleee

I always thought Jonathan Frid, who played "Barnabas" in "Dark Shadows was dead. But then he showed up at some Dark Shadows convention. Damn, Who told me he died?

Skip Elsheimer

Jesse Helms. He's got a tombstone in a cemetery in North Carolina, but its empty.


Abe Vigoda! Still not dead!


i thought richard simmons was dead. but he isnt.


Paul McCartney, James Bond and Chad Pennington!

Cryptic Ned

Walter Cronkite (born 1916).
Phyllis Diller (born 1917).


(Sing Along With) Mitch Miller; our favorite Structuralist, Claude Levi-Strauss; Mr. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide hisself, Albert Hofmann; and Art Linkletter. The elderly say the darndest things!


hal linden?
oh and
CAROL CHANNING. i thought she was dead until i saw her on tv talking about a bank robbery on VH1


Can we count the living dead, like GOP politicians?


I was going to say Gerald Ford, but he is actually dead, so nevermind.

Pinetop Perkins is still kickin'.

Irwin Chusid

Sure, count GOP'ers. Meanwhile, toss in Pelosi's speakership and Reid's Senate leadership to the list of living-but-presumed-dead.

John Hirschfelder

Ralph Macchio? Even he doesn't know if he's alive anymore.

Uncle Snuckles

Ariel Sharon.


Bartleby>> Ray Walston died a few years back, sorry to say.

Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney, age 87, height 62" and shrinking


How 'bout Keith Richards? Most of us know he's not dead, but a lot of us still can scarcely believe it.

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