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February 04, 2008



Ah yes, the Super Bowl- to many the only
true Main Event of the year, to others as much
a part of American cultural flatuence as "The
Wayan Brothers" reruns on BET...but to each his
(or her) own.

Don Buddin

Ever see those tv ads that note that one kid in 50,000 will be a pro athlete while 1 in 150 will be autistic?

Eli's got 'em both covered. But hats off to the G'ints.

Good Brady joke too.

Oh, and Plaxico Burress is jingle-jointed and smooottthhh to the point of sometimes seeming lackadaisical. Just like some old Delta Blues guy.


Tom Brady. . . you know, the one who dates supermodels, and is practically a supermodel himself. The one who broke the single season touchdown pass record previously held by Eli's brother. The one with three Super Bowl rings (hey, can't win em all). The 2007 NFL MVP. The 6th round draft pick for backup QB who actually earned his position by playing brilliantly almost from the start, as opposed to getting the position because of his last name. You know, the one who can speak in complete sentences.

Joke all you want, but I'll take that over your (admitted) mouth-breather any day (and I'll bet you would too if given the opportunity).

(AND we hate Joe Buck up Boston too, no matter how much he kisses Tom Brady's ass).

But a sincere congratulations to the Giants, they definitely earned it, that was a hell of a game.

michael C

they kissed Tom Brady's ass on SAP too when they called him "El Guapo."
go jints!

enoch root

My dad was listening to the radio with the TV sound off. It drove me crazy as the TV was 5 seconds behind the radio so we'd hear "Incomplete" before Brady even threw the ball.

Go jints!


Yeah, Joe Buck kisses Brady's ass, the same way he always kisses the Yankees collective asses. I understand it-- the numbers don't lie. When you're good you're good. (Or maybe Joe Buck just wants to marry Brady, he is kinda dreamy. . . . )

Brooklyn Bridget

Did youse see Eli carrying the Lombardi Trophy at City Hall yesterday? He looked really cute, like Jim on The Office. They must of got him a stylist. But he was cute.


Go Giants!
Where's Tiki Barber now?

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