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February 08, 2008


miss V

Oh the Horror the Horror!

Dale Hazelton

I like the "stepping stone" throw rugs -- a classy approach to room flow.


Ahhh aren't these the same apartments from the last montage, but with more velvet heart shaped pillows? I thought I recognized one of the ground floor apartments, bars on the windows...

probably a lovely 2 room right along side the ft. Hamilton parkway... (I can smell the co2 emissions and hear the gentle hum of the traffic... yessss)

I'd like take this moment to thank Foxtons, and all other shit real estate agencies who are humping overpriced cubby-holes in the 5 borroughs, for helping my wife and I reach the decision in leaving NYC...

john flesh

This is my favorite thing in the world presently.


I imagine this is what it would be like living inside hard candy.


I was wondering just what the red lovers were thinking of when they used the red color? Some were ????????????????????????
But a few had taste to them . Just not taste

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