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February 19, 2008


tony c

Speaking of Taylor Ho Bynum, check out the Fully Celebrated Orchestra.

Alto, cornet, bass, drums. Alto sax man Jim Hobbs deserves more recognition. The range of the rhythm section is astounding.

gold sparkle band

Andrew here from Gold Sparkle. Thanks Scott for the kind words. We've been doing it for nearly 15 years as a band, and it's great to read acknowledgement like this when it comes around. I'm glad you got to check us out back in the day! GSB is still "happening" now! New Gold Sparkle Trio record "puzzle phase" coming this spring, along with ACID BiRDS (Andrew Barker & Charles Waters (GSB) with Jaime Fennelly (The Peesseye)).


These are solid records, I wish more people were hip to them, it's an uphill battle for bands like this today to sell records.

Agreed on Tony C's assessment of Jim Hobbs-- I saw them perform at a private party in Jamaica Plain (Boston) years ago and they blew me away. That guy Django is a hell of a drummer.

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