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March 27, 2008



yo!! this is sooo kool!!!


Thanks so much! I'm going to play this on KSDP-830am the next time I'm on the air.

Craig Alleman

MANY MANY THANKS for the song "Alaska Earthquake" by Blue Ervin.
I have hunted for this song for 40 years. I loaned my 45 rpm copy of this song to a friend who moved away and I never found another copy. I am a veteran of the March 27th, 1964 earthquake and was at Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska that day. I made me a copy of this song and also put it in my PC music library.
So very grateful. Thank you so very much !!!
Craig Alleman
Knoxville TN


I am also tsunami victim. I feel that how we mentally down after such an incident. This show how we act when such an incident happens.
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This is a great content. This will help more people who face such an incident.
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Earthquakes in Alaska are caused as the Pacific tectonic plate slides beneath the North American plate. A chain of volcanos spanning the tip of the Aleutian Island arc to southeast Alaska are the result of the same inexorable plate movement.

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any tsunami survivors - we want to hear your story. please contact the Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska. thanks


I have a good friend that was in alaska when the earthquake happened and has been looking for this record. I would like to know if this record can be purchased

Sandi Brown

I was just thinking of this song today as I reminisced about my experience as a 10 year old during the ' 64 quake. I remembered this song but not all the lyrics so I Googled it and found this post. Thank you!

C.K. M.

Blue Ervin - Alaska Earthquake

I was born in Anchorage, and raised in Homer, Alaska on a ranch.
I was almost 13 when the quake hit, and into music - buying lots of 45's. The one I purchased that was about the quake had some of the same lyrics in it as Blue Ervin's but Ervins version doesn't include the following lyrics:
"it happened good friday 1964 -- the ground started shaking like it had never shook before, 5 minutes past - the end at last - Alaska lay crippled and torn, it happened good friday 1964"
"all the men on the deck of the fishing boat Lou thought the earth and the sea were at war, it happened good friday 1964"

Now this isn't a dream - I HAD/OWNED this 45 record - it had a YELLOW lable and I think the artists frist name was DON --- I thought his family name was Sanders, Sonders, or maybe Saunders - I simply no longer remember. I lost the record in time due to a series of divorces, so can supply no other information. I have searched for years for another copy of this recording.
This Blue Ervins version is as close as I've ever came, but it's not set to the same music, and only part of the lyrics are the same.
Anyone with more information would be helpful.
Thank you.

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