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March 11, 2008


Quizmaster Chris

I was briefly dating a Polish immigrant a couple of years ago. Once I asked what she & her fellow immigrant friends did on girls' night out the previous night, and she said, "Oh we went to see Czerwone Gitary, the Polish Beatles, they played at a hall here (Philadelphia) last night. Didn't think you'd be interested..."

ARRGGGHHH!!! Did I mention we USED to date..? I can't believe I missed these guys. On the plus end, she did give me a CD of theirs on my b-day.

And according to her, yeah, the lyrics aren't much to right home about...

evil pain clown

i do believe i have a video for the red guitars, on my blog, it's from polish tv, its a band that mimicks the beatles, check it out, it's under my eastern block rock posts, numero uno i believe

evil pain clown

oops forgot the link

Polish fun of WFMU

Yeah, and we have our Elvis Presley too, namely Krzysztof Krawczyk. Regards from Poland.


My name is Awie from Jakarta, Indonesia..

bro, you have this mp3 songs "najpiekniejsza"?
Please upload it, if you have it?
When this song was recorded?

I cannot speak polish language, but this song is very cool song..
I very like it..

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