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March 31, 2008



I see by the imdb that Gog was released in 3D!

They say so under the heading "Trivia." But one person's trivia is another person's salvia — and these are divine:

Shot in 3D, but released mainly in regular 2D.

The robots Gog and Magog were operated by midgets.

The shooting schedule was fifteen days on two sets at Hal Roach Studios, with exteriors at George AFB (Victorville).

The Hoover Dam's turbines were photographed on glass to provide projected backgrounds to some of the lab scenes.

The centrifuge scene was filmed at USC. The actors became sick and were replaced by dummies.

Herbert L. Strock got in trouble with the Director's Guild for combining his directing and editing credits.

William Schallert was paid $250 for two days' work.

As of April 2005, only one complete dual-projector stereoscopic 3-D print is known to exist anywhere in the world. The Left and Right prints do not match: the color is severely faded on one side, but the film is still viewable in 3-D.

Director Herbert L. Strock had very poor vision in one eye and consequently was unable to properly gauge how the 3-D effects were, and had to rely on others to tell him. Coincidentially, André De Toth, who directed House of Wax (1953), arguably the most famous 3-D film, only had one eye and could not see the 3-D effects at all.

We need to track down that one surviving print and run it through Final Cut to fix the cuts and the color. Or, we could take it to a salon for a cut and color. In any case, WE MUST HAVE GOG IN 3D.

Liam Baldwin

If anyone ever comes up with a translation of whatever it is our robots' creator says in the heat of the moment when his accent goes into hyper-drive and our hero rushes out of the room to get one of the flame-throwers please let me know. I have absolutely NO idea what he says. I have played that section of the movie over and over again and it still sounds like:
"Time bext zoim - in demzoim down ze hall - hurry up!"

My take on the whole movie here:

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