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March 27, 2008


What happened to Great Moments in WFMU History #13 ?

That was the story about the guitarist who exhibited a keen interest in LPs at WFMU's record library. The story was posted on March 20th but all that now remains of WFMU History #13 is this fine illustration by Robert Piersanti -

Liz B.

Great Moments #13 was removed at the author's request.

Ray Brazen

I was one of the lucky ones who received, well, not a hug, but nonetheless a hearty and very firm and heartfelt handshake from Mr. Suzuki on that magical record fair afternoon. Somehow I couldn't resist the urge to yell out "I'll never wash this hand again!" afterward. What a guy.

larry siegel

How do I post on your blog - In 1968 I was on WBAI & was known as Larry the Bagelman,
Larry Yurdin brought me over to your origional studio on Prospect St. to do a Saturday afternoon show before the Upsala football games. Vin Scelsa & George Black were my engineers.
I have lots of memories to share of the early days.
Larry(the bagelman) Siegel

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