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March 25, 2008



Thanks for having HM, Brian. Having you as one of their cheerleaders is almost as cool as having Michael Azzerad in the front row of their Red 7 set later that night, but hey, you take what you can get, right? :)

Debbie D

It should also be noted that bassist, Steven Tanner, also fries the best Goddamn chicken in the world at Egg in Brooklyn.


Oh wow, a live version of The Anvil Will Fall? I love that song. I wish these guys would get around to Milwaukee but I'm guessing that's not going to happen.


It should be added that "The Anvil Will Fall" had only been attempted live once prior to this tour with Joe and was deemed a failure. Joe's talents with a sampler made this brilliant (yet agonizing) song a reality.


"The Anvil Will Fall" is the most underrated, fucking awesome-est song in all of 90s rockness.

Saw them back at a certain Chapel Hill burrito restaurant/rock venue jeez like 12 years ago. Full Marshall stack for the 100 person room. The rock was capable of bridging an in-town scene divide between "indie rocker" and plain "rocker".


Harvey Milk are amazing. I missed them back in the day and cant explain how happy i am that they are playing shows again- they deserve sooo much credit. they were perfect without joe preston, and now with him they are a bigger,beefier(sp?,awesome force to witness if you catch em live. bring your earplugs!


Each time I see the "Milk" ad on TV where Harvey says, "I am here to recruit you," I think it sounds more like, "I am here to make fruit Jews." (or, fruit juice)

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