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March 11, 2008



I am glad to see an acknowledgment of Deathspell Omega (DSO). I thought Kenose was quite a breakthrough in the use of rhythms, timing and structures that are never used in this music. There is a breakdown on a Kenose track that to any objective ear sounds like a ska beat. I could not believe the context.

Kurt Gottschalk

I love this stuff far more than I know about it. Much appreciated.


Hey there WmMBerger -- good to know you're still around. My question is: What *non-metal* sounds are you enjoying lately?


Ike, Ike, Ike. How are ya? Not into the Metal—I do understand. Outside of metal, I've been listening to the stellar Scott Walker 60s reissues on Fontana/Mercury, the Irreversible soundtrack by Thomas Bangalter (2003), the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, The Elisabeth Wurst full-length and 3" CDs on Dom Elchklang, and, as always, lots of Morton Feldman, plus some selected downloads from the Mutant Sounds blog, though I really avoid their darkwave/minimal synth posts (can't stomach that stuff!) I suppose that I should write a "What's On My Portable mp3 Player" post sometime soon, since I rarely ever do fill-ins anymore! Thanks for asking....


Oh yeah, almost forgot the Å self-titled CD on Die Schachtel—highly recommended! Very much in line with a post-Faust aesthetic, but still totally its own thing.


Enjoyed your post, Wm! I'm familiar with only a couple of your picks (Ash Pool, Dso); the others are news to me. I'm curious what you thought of the recent Nuit Noire releases (BT acquired at least one of them for the station's library).
Also pleased to hear that you enjoy the Irreversible sdtk, a personal favorite of mine. Nothing compares to the nauseous effects of viewing the opening scenes in the theatre, with the music from Le Rectum pounding away. Positively horrifying.

Jerod Freitag

Vegas Martyrs need way more introduction, holy shit!


I really like Basilisk, and Aymrev Erkroz Prevre are great, too; what I've heard anyway. Extinction sound a LOT like Abruptum—fun to listen to, but it's not at all a sound they even in the remotest sense invented. [That said, I love Carcass, and because of this I also find The County Medical Examiners and Exhumed enjoyable, but I'm not at all in denial about the fact that they are Carcass-inspired bands. Funny thing about Metal, that.] The records that I've heard by these artists are not necessarily the ones on Nuit Noire, but the label looks interesting and diverse.

ilan katin

For a slightly different twist you should all try UNAS.

An 8bit musician based in Switzerland. Really good live as well.



Please show me how to download some of the old albums from "OMEGA" the hungarian rock band. im desprately looking for their downloadable songs.


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