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March 12, 2008



China Theme Song is actually "The March of the Pioneers" which is the national anthem of the People's Republic.


this is true folk music.

Fr. Peter Grace, C.P.

Thanks for the recording of Fr. McNamara. He died June 3, 1971. He was a Passionist priest. So was Fr. Arthur McNally who later left the Passionists and the priesthood. You captured a happy time in the lives of these two men. Thankyou for the surprise!
Fr. Peter Grace, C.P., Jamaica, NY

Paul Charette

Fr. Arthur McNally is my maternal side uncle. This was a unique surprise to find the recording of him. You never know what Google will turn up. After leaving the Passionist order and then the priesthood, he unfortunately also withdrew from the family and we have not heard from him since 1999. I am happy to have found the MP3 of him. He used to enjoy singing along wiht my grandmother who played the piano. He especially liked old Harry von Tilzer songs.

Paul Charette

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