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March 18, 2008



john maus is amazing. we've played with him here in LA and the crowd consensus was that he was jesus, crucifying himself on the cross up there on stage. absolutely inspired, totally weird, and kind of like watching a car wreck in slow motion... his work is mesmerizing.


Funny you mention Jesus Christ.

Krys O.

John Maus is a wunnerful guy. Here's a link to R. Stevie Moore playing with Ariel Pink's band with John back in 2005 : YouTubage of RSM vs. Pink (Note: it's in five parts)

andy warthol

I think it all comes down to what you guys are saying about Jesus. That's what makes him great - that his music triggers lots of ideas and feelings that you can't quite put your finger down on, allowing for the grandest comparisons. His live performance is brilliant, because if you REALLY love his music you'll just want to mutilate yourself right along with him during the performance. I'm so tired of people criticizing his music. Listen to all the key changes and odd time signatures, his intricate synth programs, lyrical hooks like social commentary, love and disillusionment. I think we're going to be hearing a lot more about John Maus in the future.

Betsy Vicegrip

I was shocked to hear people didn't instantly love his work...??? I did. I feel like I met the sound I've been wanting to meet when I heard him.

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