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March 12, 2008



Don't forget Charlie Dore's 1980 hit "Pilot of the Airwaves" ...or is that too painful a memory?


Doh! Sorry, wrong genre. Save that for "Music By, For, And About DJ's - Formulaic Pop Division"


Merle Haggard has a song on his first LP, Strangers (1965), called "Please Mr. D.J." Check it out, yo.

"Hello Mr. D.J. wont you play a song for me,
The girl I love just said goodbye and I’m blue as I can be ..."

Kevin Killion

A few more DJ songs of note:
"WOLD" - Harry Chapin
"Double Barrel" - Dave & Ansel Collins
"WKRP in Cincinnati - Theme" - Steve Carlisle
"The Last DJ" - Tom Petty

Rory Murray

Let's not forget the great Harry Chapin and his tune "WOLD". Look it up kids, it's a keeper!


Don't forget Don Bowman. He too did his own rendition of "Hello DJ" He's home drunk and trying to get Ralph Emory to play his new rekkid. Hilarity ensues. Country style hilarity that is. This song turned into a years long quest to find. I only had to wait for the Internet to grow up a little before finding it in 3 different versions.

Link to a web site featuring a lo-fi wav file version of the uncensored version of the song by Mr. Bowman:


Aretha had a great one called "Mr. DJ (Five For The DJ)" that really moved.

disc jockey maryland

it really takes great talent to get recognized at once in this kind of industry.

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