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March 31, 2008


Peter B

First, I am not going to insult everyone and claim the Democratic party has all the answers, but I will say every trucker that votes republican is slashing their own tires. Gas was a buck and a half per gallon when Bush, an oil man, was appointed president. The GOP philosophy is, "Financial aid begins at the top."
So, until I hear that the stereotype of a trucker is a progressive, I have little sympathy for them. I am getting screwed, too, but at least I know who the enemy is.

Chris T.

Actually, Peter, I was shocked to find that many trucks DO hold progressive views and absolutely HATE Bush and his cronies. They do know who the enemy is...


Here's hoping they take a week off. Might as well make a big statement. The greater majority of people are losing their value within the system anyway. What's going to be left besides wage slavery and limited choices?

David Lynch

I do think people have a false picture of truckers. The Republican party likes to portray themselves as the party of the "common, working American", but it's just not necessarily true. I mean, trucking is still one of the most unionized jobs in America- how Republican is _that_, I ask you? Honestly I blame the Democratic party for a lot of this- every four years they run ads featuring Ivy League looking and sounding dudes standing around in front of steel mills and talking unconvincingly about how much they care about the "common man", and that's the extent of it. The Democrats are the party that lets everybody think Toby Keith is a spokesman for the Republican party. He's not. He's a Democrat. Yet most Democrats dismiss his stuff as stupid and jingoistic. Like nobody here ever wanted to put a boot in Osama Bin Laden's ass.

I don't know if a strike will help or hurt at this point. The unions have become so weak since Reagan and the air traffic controllers. Despite their long history of corruption, I think unions still have a strong role to play in the history of the American worker, and I'd like to see them become strong again. Most non-union Americans (which is by this point most Americans) believe the unions to be either Communists or some kind of Mafia front, so honestly a strike could easily backfire.

Dale Hazelton

With diesel at $4.39 a gallon at my local Sunoco, these guys should be all parked outside the White House and laying on the airhorn. Our fearless leader doesn't give a crap though, he'll continue to reap oil company stock dividends, then go to his consultancy job in Dubai when his term is over. The government NEVER should have dismantled the frieght rail system in the 70s. Trains move more goods at a cheaper overall price, but the infrastructure is falling apart. On a happy note, I've heard gay trucker pick up conversations on the CB. You learn something everyday. "Hello, Shirley? This is Squirrelly!"

Peter from Seattle

Do people really not make the connection between the goods they buy and the trucks that deliver them? Who are these people and why are they so stupid? Seriously, I don't get it. This is the same argument I hear from other "salt of the earth" types like garbage men and farmers. "People think that meat comes pre-packaged and shrink-wrapped! They don't know where their food comes from!"

Really? I'm guessing that most people could make the cognitive leap that meat comes from animals, gets cut-up and packaged, put onto a truck and delivered to a store. You know what kinds of things people really don't understand? Rocket science. If I was asked to do what farmers or truckers do on a daily basis, with no prior experience, I'm betting that I could at least keep 1 animal alive long enough to slaughter, cut-up and deliver to Safeway. It may not be as pretty as the professionals do it, but I could get it done. Ask me to do that same thing for NASA and there is no way in hell we're getting to the moon.

It's delusional to think that all Americans assume that electronics are made on site at Best Buy. Redonculous even. Truckers are important, but it is only marginally above a McJob, and if they don't like something about it...get another job.

Dale Hazelton

Peter, agreed that being a trucker doesn't require a masters degree, and as I said above, our govt. f*cked up bigtime when it caved in to the Teamsters union in the 60s and 70s. But driving a big ass truck, dealing with regulations, buying your own fuel and tires, getting trucks washed before they're allowed into certain city limits, insurance, etc is NOT akin to a food service job.

Chris T.

>Truckers are important, but it is only marginally above a McJob, and if they don't like something about it...get another job.

Dear Peter:

Wow, - what can I say? You just don't get it. Truckers are professionals, not unskilled labor. When I'm sharing the road with big rigs I'm grateful those drivers know what they're doing and would rather run into a ditch than run over you in your Honda.

Personally, I think garbage men, farmers and truckers are more important to most people's lives than rocket scientists or anyone at NASA. Among other things, NASA uses public dollars (your taxes) for research & development of patents that are then funneled to private corporations who profit from the technology we helped develop. I don't remember ever getting a royalty check from NASA. And while it's certainly important to get to the moon, I like my fresh produce delivered to a convenient market and my garbage hauled away when necessary.

If you could, help me to understand your animosity toward "salt of the earth types" because I just don't get it.

All best,

Dale Hazelton

Here's a fun, quick read about trucking in Europe and the US:

Not a great book, but it's pretty cool to see how the truckers in Europe have to deal with bribing border officials, stolen loads in Russia, etc.

And Chris, I personally wouldn't want to live in a world without teflon. Alzheimers be damned.

Trucking Dude

The truckers are having a bad image with the small vehicles on the road. Others see truckers as aliens who lost their way and landed on the roads. This is a misconception which have to be changed. Because of the truckers only they are able to get their food and other necessary commodities in time at their nearby shops.

Allan in Indiana

Chris T. - I can't believe I am just now finding this! Nice job!

Regarding Peter's post - this is the kind of ignorance we deal with on a daily basis. You put it very well, "Peter, you just don't get it".

BTW - I bet he couldn't drive from Milwaukee to South Bend w/ a 53'er and make it alive, in one piece with the rubber side down, much less keep a chicken alive. I'll even give him the $50 for the tolls on 294 or the CHI Skyway!

Peace brotha! Keep up the good fight - we 'ppreciate it!

-Allan in IN

Trucking Tutor

Truckers have an important part in the business scenario. Because of the 18 wheelers only the transportation of goods are taking place smoothly and people are able to get those needed goods and items in the nearby shops.

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