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March 23, 2008


just john

If you follow the cassette mythos link, and then Kevyn Dymond's link from there, you'll run into the name of the amazing Dino DiMuro. He did over a dozen cassettes, and continues to produce good music.

I mention him because he's kindly consented for me to host several of his albums here:

(And me? I never got into large-scale cassette distribution, but now my stuff's available on the web and on CD. )

Krys O.

There are two key mentions of FMU alum R. Stevie Moore in dere: Here and Here

Jerry Killingsworth

CHUCK tapes to trade, share, anyone?

china manufacturing

The Cassette Mythos Compilation, which (in the words of Robin James) "started off as a comprehensive, democratic, and historical survey of the international cassette swapping underground scene, but wound up being what it is, twenty-one innovative sonic-arts geniuses that could be your neighbors".

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