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March 29, 2008


Ambrose Keks

So, I did some scouting. I'm pretty certain the title "Állj, vagy lövök" would translate to something more like "Stop or I'll Shoot." Pretty certain... but I should say that before I found the correct accents, I was close to thinking it meant "Allie, You Are Horses."

Jonathan Steinke

Cheers, Ambrose. Some literal translations to English from a foreign tongue are so hilarious and not even because of the misaligned syntax. I love they that have absolutely zero to do with what the English title or lyrics suggest the song is about.


Hi! Yes, it means "Stop or i'll shoot" (i am hungarian).
And actually it has sense. He sings about a 'battle' that he 'wins', but it's the battle of love. So...
Some rough translation of the refrain could be:

Stop stop stop or i'll shoot
I have won the battle
With the hug hug hug operation


Does anyone have the video used in Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" video and where was that shoot?

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