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March 21, 2008


Listener Rick

Awesome as always, Monica. Your slide shows have become a highlight of the week for my wife and I. Keep up the good work!

Dale Hazelton

This and a romp through the furniture tab of Craigslist deepens my depression. People really have NO CLUE that the "80's Whorehouse" style is over.


black leather sofas and animal print, like peanut butter and chocolate.
man, people really know nothing about common sense flow or feng shui, do they?


I especially love the two in a row with the Sistine Chapel ceiling snippet over the mantelpiece. I was going to mention the glorious window treatments, but I see you've done a whole set of them. These are wonderful; thank you.


Ya need to get some MAHBLE COLUMNS.

Bronwyn C.

Monica, this is GENIUS!
Just last Friday I was talking to Psue Braun about the woman who grew into her boyfriend's toilet seat, and Psue was telling me that such cases weren't at all uncommon and she was all disgusted that people don't seem to recall all the many, many cases which she, Psue, remembers of people who have grown into their couches. And when I saw all these black leather sofas, all I could think of was, How many of them have had nonfunctional insane people grown into them? How many butts have been surgically removed and the leather patched up for the photos?
I couldn't stop laughing.
-Bronwyn C.

Shell Smith

Great - thanks for passing that info on. Here is a great link I have been using called Property Maps - www.propertymaps.com. It is a great way to look in specific areas using a google maps/mls mash-up. It has been very helpful for me. Hope it can help someone else out there!

Know Your Sofas

A sofa is a word adapted into English from Arabic, by way of Aramaic. These days it refers to any couch, though originally it referred only to the luxuriously cushioned seats of esteemed guests in the royal palaces of Arabia. Sofas are always upholstered and designed for reclining and relaxation.

cheap leather sofas

great slideshow, cant beat a good old black leather sofa!

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