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March 30, 2008



thanks for both. you get good balance of awful awful awful awful parody in one, and refreshingly original and pleasant in the other. malkovich's tub interview ends up being so much less awkward and natural than the premise would imply, while 'McCain' is just ...bad. but how bad? were things like the older woman's shirt greenscreened intentional? it's becoming hard to tell what is true amateur vid work and what is mocking amateur perfectly.

Bill V

This is *true* amateur idiocy....


Sure, that McCain girls video is amazing, but it doesn't hold a candle to "La Pequeña Hillary Clinton".

I hope this election never ends.


Painful, you were right. So very painful.

Holland Oats

isn't that a magritte painting?


They need to be hit with pies.


that's how i like to wake up--splash a little mccain on my face.



Hey, if it's raining McCain, that must mean his depends are leaking.

Dale Hazelton

After seeing "Color Me Kubrick," the tub interview makes perfect sense.


Call and response:


Not so much the "raining" Mccain, but when she splashes her own face with Mccain is when I near lost all motor functions.

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