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March 27, 2008



I'm stunned! I have nothing else to say.

Dale Hazelton

I had oatmeal this morning, Very uneventful.


dig these: 1 & 2 .


This was also the first porno movie I ever owned, having traded something for it from a fellow student who had an amazing beta porno collection, back in the day. While not the first porno movie I ever saw, it gave me the false expectation that all movies would be a little like this. Sadly, the rest off the golden-age porn was pretty mundane, by comparison.
This movie is difficult to find. Joining a Yahoo forum in search of such a thing will leave you both slimey feeling and make you wonder why people would spend inordinate amounts of time talking about movies made twenty years ago. Almost all discussion there on Nightdreams star Dorothy LeMay fixate on a movie she did where she plays an underage girl. Eeew!

Account Deleted

It is indeed hard to find, but it is bittorrent-y. That's how I finally snagged a good copy, instead of my beaten up VHS.

As for outmeal - I've always thought it would be fun to make a follow-up scene involving Quaker Oats. But then I think of Wilford Brimley somehow being involved and I get the chills...

Account Deleted

I meant oatmeal, but I am now going to market a new brand of "Outmeal". It will sell like crazy in Provincetown.


Here are links to the full movie.


Well fine, *you* can just figure out a way for me to concentrate on work the rest of the morning.


not that hard to IS available on dvd.


This is almost as bad as Edward Penishands. I made a compilation of the worst parts of Edward Penishands set to a cheery tune and posted it here if you'd like to take a watch. Be warned, it's scarring.


It is available on bittorrent here and here.

The version on BitTorrent is exactly the same as the version above; with the two parts concatenated into a single file. I could not find it on BitTorrent, so I uploaded it this afternoon. After a few hours, it currently has... 479 downloaders and 198 seeds, so you're probably good to go.


Alternatively (same torrent):

Murcury Vapor

Anyone else a fan of yet another slightly odd adult film called Fabodjantan? Participants are aroused by the blowing of a horn...there's also food. Torrent.


That slice of bread reminds me of Dave the Spazz...


Declaring this NOT SAFE FOR WORK after your introduction is a bit of understatement, don't you think Clinton? How about, PORN ALERT at the very tippy top of the post? Prudes pledge too, you know.


I've rented Night Dreams as well as Behind The Green Door, and I fell asleep during both of their first scenes. It's good that you've got a scene from youtube, because while I am amused, I know I wouldn't be for long. Must've done wonders for my subconscious.

However, Cafe Flesh is one of my favorite movies. I strongly suggest that anyone remotely amused by this post look it up. There's sanitary edits in youtube and the material that was later used in the soundtrack by Mitchell Froom is at 7 Black Notes, interspliced with dialogue from the movie. If it's no longer there, let me know and I will upload it.

Also, I always thought that Edward Penishands was just a myth around the schoolyards. God Save Us.

Resident Clinton

Boil - I thought the paragraph describing the scene as a blowjob covered that. I wasn't trying to dupe anyone into watching porn...and I'm sorry if you missed that part.

That said, is something this weird really porn, or is it something else entirely?

Avro - Thanks for the link to the Cafe Flesh soundtrack. I agree that it is certainly the better film, but Nightdreams is where it all started. Still, I usually only watch the Cream of Wheat scene and not the whole film.


it's something else entirely, Potsie


A few weeks ago I happened to see a terrible episode of C.S.I. while on a fever-induced cable bender. This particular episode was about a certain subset of folks that dress up in animal costumes and get off by writhing about in what was termed a "furpile". It made me think that maybe a Reagan/Patco solution could have been the right thing for the writers strike. After viewing this fine clip, and after vowing to eat breakfast three times a day, I rambled about the internet and found that Jerry Stahl is a writer for C.S.I., and is responsible for the episode entitled "Fur and Loathing". Now everything in the entire universe makes sense.


I saw that CSI episode on SpikeTV's CSI Fetish Week! I love that one!


If you liked this one, you'll love "Forbidden Zone" starring Hervé Villechaize.

Rondell Jenkins

How that toast going to up and bite he breakfast owner! LOL
I take a bite outta that crime, JK!

I have "Nightdreams" on DVD. It's totally worth having for the "Cream of Wheat" scene and, especially, the Wall of Voodoo "Ring of Fire" scene. I just really like that song and this was when porn-nymphet Danielle [Martin] was still almost cute before becoming an addled washout.

Anyone ever see "Apartment Zero" with Colin Firth? Check the marquee on the theater at the end of the film: "Cafe Flesh" is what's playing!

Arlis Fisher

yeah, um, AWESOME! (and I think I'm going to go make some toast now :) )


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