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April 07, 2008


"be a hero"

apparently guitar hero as so raped our concept of the rock star that we now reference it instead of actual rock stars.


God, I want to punch the people in that video so badly. Especially that bald guy near the end making the smooth-jazz-new age diarrhea.

I wonder if it will let me put a Charles Gayle squealing sax solo in the middle of a smooth jazz track.

advertisement tag line: "Make crappy music of all styles!"

On the other hand I'd love to see an info-mercial with Ron Popeil hawking this thing.


Quiet reverie? Fuck YEAH!!!


i don't buy it. looks like you are queing up parts of a preprogrammed song, doubt they are in control of the notes. think of an old casio keyboards preset demo song- how you could change the instrument mid song, or sometimes change the pitch, etc.

and those sounds are pure 1987!

if i saw a bald guy rocking this in the club, i'd throw a full glass into this thing.


The bald guy performing "quiet reverie" looks like he's doggy paddling.

Also I think "MORE COWBELL!" is going to be my new battle cry.


$600? What sort of audience are they catering to?


I had one overnighted....not only are they real songs but it comes with a sweet Roland keyboard amp with COSM modeling and a tuning fork. Cats are in better shape already. It's all live, takes a while to learn but really rewarding when you're jamming quietly


I can't believe I wasted all those years learning to play guitar. What a fool I've been.



1) EVERY musical sound. That's right. EVERY EVER.

2) Asian female as lowest common denominator.

3) Bored teen son.

Theo Manter

two words: GAY.


UPDATE: The beamz is now $499.95 and can be purchased through the company’s site: http://www.thebeamz.com. You can download and purchase additional songs there as well.


I wish to signal my complete review of "Beamz". The product was tested personally by me, with a rich picture support.
The direct link for english version is:

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