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April 10, 2008


Steve PMX

henry rollins w/ long hair is the fucking worst.


Mike - really enjoying your posts lately. The other day in the car I was listening to Slip It In; at a red light, I read the liner notes and was reminded that the album came out in 1984. I quite like it, always have, but I also remember a general sentiment among fans deeming it the "lame follow up to My War." Remember, a lot of fans hated My War too, and saw it as a "metal" album, not punk enough. All this ended up just making me feel really OLD. If even Slip It In is 24 years old, what hope is there for someone who remembers when it was "the new Black Flag album"? Geez. Thanks again for the post.


This is goddamn brilliant.

Blue Sunshine

Completely pointless, yet hilarious.


If only I gave a fuck about Black Flag. Or FMU.


Is that Henry Rollins with long hair, or Kevin DuBrow?


WOW, "FFMU"'s post (above) is "sooooo punk rock!"


I'm sitting at the loading docks waiting to get off, I've got nothing to do but shoot my mouth off

gimme gimme gimme - give me some more

what a great band

fatty jubbo

I love that Rollins' neck is introduced around 1985.


nice find! thanks for sharing.


I saw them in the mid 80's with Kira and Bill in the band. I remember thinking that they looked like the Manson family and that Kira was kinda cute in a tom-boyish way. Then some stupid skinhead motherfucker jumped off the stage and kicked me in the side of the head with his combat boots. My right ear rang all evening.

Billy Davis

It's like a Rosetta Stone. Now you can use this to date virtually any Black Flag photograph.


Holy shit that's funny, defiantone.

The "loading docks"!!! WTF!

"Sitting here like a loaded gun
Waiting to go off
I've got nothing to do
But shoot my mouth off ..."

Yeah, I'm old, too.

"Say you got a boyfriend, well put your hand on my friend..."


Kira's got the 10-and-a-half!
Kira's got the 10-and-a-half!

Thanks for the great birthday present, Mike! (Yup, it's today, and a friend sent me this link as my gift.)

-Princess Cheese Snob Wendy


Best line up : '82 Demos
My War and Slip It In songs played by Greg, Dez, Henry, Chuck and Robo. This picture is life.


This is absolutely brilliant. They look great in late '81 and early '82, but look terrible in '78, late '82 and '86 (though at least there is hair unity).




I can't decide...I can't decide...I can't decide....!!
On a hairstyle.
( goes to Dave Rick for this one)


Actually the funniest part I think is Spot's image early on-- he looks so out of place.

Robo could use some of that "spray-on hair" I see advertised on TV: "SPRAY - PAINT - MY SKULL!"


Anyone know who drew this?


What a great post! Thanks.


Edward Tufte would approve of this information graphic. oh, and Henry w/long hair = Morrison.


Hilarious! I can't believe BoingBoing actually had something interesting posted--and not some Star Wars mod of Black Flag or something..

Black Betty

- Seeing Henry's "evolution" from absolutely no hair (in '81), the black 'stash and beard, and ending up in '86 w/ the long black hair is nuts. Considering, of course, how the music changed in that era (punk in late '70's - early '80's to "glam" rock in the mid '80's). That's not to say that it's entirely bad because going back 22 years long (black in Henry's case) hair was definitely "in!"

- Funny how you see Dez's hair go from different shapes of black hair in just 2 years ('81-'83)

- The drawing itself is mad cool. Thanks for sharing!


Great find! Too bad it's low res otherwise I would had made a poster of it =)

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