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April 18, 2008



though nowhere near the culture and span of NYC, Savannah Ga too has sold out or kicked out the unique, imperfect independent shops and spirit- and fuck- MUSIC scene- in trade for a bunch of boutiques designed to bring in the tourist dollar and 'european feel'... eliminating the small indie culture, totally snuffing it out just as it was going from germination to bloom.

there is literally one 'hip' place to see music now, and it is being choked by the new ruling that you have to be 21 to enter a place that serves alcohol. even to go see a guy strum guitar in a more conventional bar has the age restriction.
this leaves the art college freshmen little choice but to stay inside and fuck and smoke these days.
indie shops could no longer afford rent downtown, but american apparel, marc jacobs, and urban outfitters sure could....replacing the affordable fashion scene with the overpriced, and having the nuts to sell us pre-owned, pre-selected vintage clothes for 500 times what we used to pay when we actually found them on our own, at greater personal treasure.

oh, and not to mention i'm in the bible belt, so, good lick finding ANYTHING to do downtown after 6pm.


i should add, though, i just think the creativity is displaced, not vanquished. everything is cyclical. the high end shops are just emulating the punkish trends that the students can make themselves or buy cheaply in thrift shops. the new batch of overpriced 'antique' boutiques are just emulating what the dumpster divers and traders have been up to in savannah for decades...the rich are basically emulating the culture of the poor.

although i hate it now, i now that in 20 years the unaffordable condos will be so run down they will finally become quaint and affordable apartments again, just like the ones they replaced.

Liz B.

I don't see what the big deal is, Varvatos just put on the best show at CBGB's in years.


Wonder what that jerk Nick Rizzuto has to say about it this time?


i live a few blocks from there and all i can say is thank-the-god-i-don't-believe-in for letting me miss that waste of time/air/magic markers. don't these people have anything better to protest? sanctioned u.s. torture comes to mind...


Of course, that clown Nick Rizzuto prefers that the US tortures people yet he bemoans the fate of that dump CBGBs...


If one cannot see the connection between luxury retailers charging 1600 dollars for a USED leather jacket (i.e. varvatos), and the era we are in of spin, war, and displacment of the poor or even semi-affordable culture, then I am the one that is truly stumped. And why do you think this is all I do? I go out on issues of war and attend whatever events I can. What Varvatos is doing is more offensive than a Starbucks... it is using music with anti-establishment messages to sell people overpriced clothes. BRC should be ashamed ... how will this help the homeless community they serve in the long run? They already were receiving millions in funding. We lost a place where anyone could gig... what we'll get is one private concert a month and varvatos expands his empire with a record label. Cheer it on, people.


Cities are organic things. They grow and die and grow again. They change. To expect any business, any neighborhood to stay the same forever denies life. So CBGB's becomes a yuppie boutique. It probably lived longer than it should have. Some formerly empty store front in some other part of town springs to life with something that is more than memories and documentary footage. Hell, why not cry for the Roman Coliseum? It's been out of action for nearly 2000 years and there hasn't been a place to throw Christians to lions since. Talk about loss of a venue!


In a nutshell, SS, it's because the things which were made by people for people are being slowly replaced by things made by corporations for consumers. I'm a creator, not a consumer. And people like that are just being choked out. After 15 years of NYC, I split for greener pastures. So have most of my friends. I suppose entropy always wins at a crawl, but if you were around for the good parts you'd be sad to see it all go as well ( even CBGB's, a club I never much liked ). Time to fly.

Abe Woken

........a $1600 jacket..hmm, one item of many item offered to OUT of towners, that MAY just happen to SPEND that $1600 in "YOUR" locality....hmmmm.... that would be clean, crispy revenue paying for , the operator, dispatcher, fuel, vehicles, the pavement, and all the other civil services put into action when a helpful soul dials 911 to save a blogger who's neck was fractured while trying to remove it from thier ass.

But then again, there very well MAY be a completely independent triage tent set up in YOUR locality that operates on antiestablishmentarianism.

Don't knock the hustle, it's payin for all the 'what if oopsies' .....NO disrespect of YOUR freedom intended, I just wanted to remind you that the gubment is paying folks to take the station of 'civil servant' in YOUR locality, FOR you....$0.02

tip your waitresses dammit

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