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April 09, 2008



awesome awesome post
thank you

This post= excellent.


I'd include "Lick Off Of Records"
by Martin Mull as well.
(Not technically 'country' ,
but sure spittin' distance ...)


I read an interview with Chris Spedding where he cited the Thumbs Carllile track as inspiration for his wonderful "Guitar Jamboree".

Kevin Vegetables

As soon as I saw was this post was about, I thought "I bet he hasn't heard 'Deke's Hot Guitar' -- I have to send that to him."

Once again, you have bested me, WFMU's Beware Of The Blog. Long may you reign.


Yeah, you guys are the shit.


And I thought, "I bet he hasn't heard Bill Kirchen's 'Hot Rod Lincoln'". Well played, sir!


you gotta listen to Jimmie Rivers and the Cherokees.


The players on Eddie Hill's "Hot Guitar have always been debated. I have an email from the Hank Garland family (when Hank was still alive) that claims that Hank was indeed the player on the tune, and that they have the log to prove it. The mandolin player, Eddie Buskirk, was the sole player according to the liner notes of a Mercury boxed set from a few years ago.

Bear Family has issued a recent Eddie Hill collection. Do you know if they claimed that the players were Grady Martin and Chet Atkins?

Listener Greg G.

Pete - My error. I meant to indicate that the guitarists heard on Eddie Hill's version of The Hot Guitar were Chet Atkins and Hank Garland, but I goofed and mentioned Grady Martin instead of Hank Garland when I wrote the post. I fixed it to indicate that the guitarists were Atkins and Garland. My source was Kevin Coffey's notes for Bear Family's Eddie Hill disc (The Hot Guitar).

Thanks for your help in getting this corrected!

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